Distributed ledger

Distributed book, that is, transaction accounting is done by multiple nodes distributed in different places, and each node records the complete account, so they can participate in supervising the legality of the transaction, and can also jointly testify for it. .

Different from traditional distributed storage, the uniqueness of distributed storage of blockchain is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, each node of blockchain stores complete data according to blockchain structure, traditional distributed storage Generally, the data is divided into multiple copies according to certain rules for storage. Second, each node of the blockchain storage is independent and equal in status. It relies on a consensus mechanism to ensure the consistency of storage. Traditional distributed storage generally synchronizes data with other backup nodes through the central node.

No single node can record the book data separately, thus avoiding the possibility that a single biller is controlled or bribed to record a false account. Also because there are enough billing nodes, in theory, unless all the nodes are destroyed, the accounts will not be lost, thus ensuring the security of the account data.

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