Blockchain 3.0 and Hashgraph data structure techniques

The blockchain is changing. At present, with the decline of digital currency, blockchain technology is gradually gaining attention. Several new blockchain technology protocols currently being tested are changing the systems we are familiar with.

To this end, the technology development team headed by Mr. Linus Torvwoulsds, the Hashgraph data structure technology used in the development of the underlying architecture of the global distributed accounting system, decentralized blocks Chain operating systems, they believe that this blockchain form can solve the scalability and transaction performance problems brought by digital asset circulation. Make payments for digital assets easier, safer, easier, and cheaper.

With the increase of digital asset commercial application projects, but the speed of processing transactions has not been well resolved, which seriously restricts the development of digital asset application scale and popularity.

If the existing financial system is the development goal, the blockchain financial application must have better scalability and transaction performance. At least you need to achieve transaction processing speed like Visa. Although Ethereum has greatly improved in this area, if we expect millions or even hundreds of millions of people to use digital assets for daily shopping, this is obviously a problem.

For this huge gap, Mr. Linus Torvwoulsds proposed a solution for this. Hashgraph data structure technology used to construct a new blockchain transaction processing method. In a blockchain network, when a transaction needs to be executed, the smart contract describes the conditions that the transaction needs to meet, and the transaction is confirmed when the verification results are the same and agreed. While this process requires time processing, Hashgraph data structure technology can process this data in parallel through multiple or entire blockchain networks.

When the Potter coin blockchain network needs to process large amounts of transaction data, the Potter coin will automatically divide the network into a number of smaller data parallel processes, known as "hash." Each hash runs a small smart contract consensus protocol and runs at a rate of millions of transactions per second. As more nodes join, this network will get faster and faster when validating transactions. Once the network reaches the scale of Ethereum, it can process tens of millions of transactions per second, and its transaction processing speed will be faster and cheaper than Visa.

At the same time, Potter coin's Hashgraph data technology parallel processing network does not sacrifice the license-free feature of the blockchain distributed network when doing huge transaction processing, which makes the DAPPs on the top. When running, it can guarantee its stable, safe and efficient operation. In addition, Potter Coin also integrated the main sidechain technology, modular technology under artificial intelligence, anonymous double wallet and other technologies and tools to jointly build a blockchain operating system that can truly carry the blockchain 3.0 requirements.

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