Potter coin (POTB): uses block chain to build ecosystem and link ecological application

       Recently, a blockchain operating system called "Potter (POTB)" has emerged in the currency ring. In addition, it has received the attention of the R3 Block chain Alliance of the internationally renowned Block chain R & D team and the Linux Foundation, which has super books. Many domestic coin ring leaders for its flag, cheer up, with the market bit, etheric, Ruibo, EOS and other public chain equaliser, keep pace with the momentum.

       It is understood that Potter coin (POTB) is an independent block chain operating system based on block chain hash graph (Hashgraph) data structure technology. Other block chain applications can develop their own side chains based on the block chain operating system to complete project funding, data disclosure, equity dividends, and so on. Based on the (POTB), a blockchain operating system, it will form an ecological application circle that includes Porter Intelligence, Porter data, Porter Institute, Porter Finance, Porter Hotel and Porter Games. As Potter (POTB) In hard currency, all commercial applications will consume (POTB) tokens, which could become as valuable as Bitcoin online gold.


       Block chain (Blockchain) is a distributed database system in which nodes participate. It can also be understood as a book-system (ledger). It is characterized by immutability and unforgettability. It is the underlying technology of bitcoin, a complete copy of bitcoin, recording every transaction in its (token) token. Through this information, we can find each address, any point in the history of the value.

       The block chain consists of a string of blocks generated by cryptography. Each block contains the hash (hash), of the previous block, which is connected to the current block from the original block (genesis block) to form a block chain. Ensure that each block is generated in chronological order after the previous block, otherwise the hash value of the previous block is unknown. Bitcoin is the core innovation of the block chain.

       The emergence of the block chain, so that the transmission of information has undergone a qualitative change. Traditional information transmission requires pipelines and intermediate control, so it is difficult to fundamentally change the issue of trust. However, because of the decentralization of the block chain itself, openness and transparency, and not tampering with it, the information transmitted by the block chain cannot be tampered with. It can avoid the interference of pipeline and third party, so the information transmission can be absolutely fair, transparent and safe. For this reason, block chain and new energy, artificial wisdom, big data and other collectively known as the change of the human future of the top ten technologies.

       "Pottercoin(POTB) is a global distributed accounting system based on the underlying architecture developed using hash (Hashgraph) data structure technology. It is also a decentralized block chain operating system. "on top of this blockchain operating system, we intend to create multiple landing ecological application projects to advance blockchain technology to serve society." Mr. Torvalds (Linus Torvwoulsds), the founder of the Potter (POTB), said:Potter coin 3.0 is a global distributed accounting system based on P2P peer-to-peer payment system and intelligent contract function, which is based on hashmap (Hashgraph) data structure technology. Through its special encryption currency (POTB), which provides a decentralized block chain operating system, the consensus algorithm based on this data structure can achieve a qualitative leap in transaction throughput and scalability. Thus further supporting the block chain as the infrastructure of a certain industry and forming an ecosystem based on the block chain will change people's lives widely and profoundly. Type.

       "at present, the founding team of Porter's (POTB) has started discussions with the head of the London Stock Exchange in the UK to first adopt blockchain technology in the financial aspects of Porter's ecological application," said Essen Mart (Essen Malte), COO:. London will become the world's first decentralized exchange city developed using blockchain technology. In addition, we will also be at the Porter Coffee, Porter Hotel, Porter Mall, Porter Animation, Porter Intelligence, Porter Wear, Potter Games, Potter Cinema, Porter Foods, Porter Farm, Porter Restaurant, Traceability and supply in areas such as Porter College Chain management, these can be solved with block chain technology. Porter COO:, said Ethan Mart (Essen Malte).

       In the future, block chain technology will affect more and more aspects of our life. Block chain technology not only changes our living habits to improve the quality of life, but also contains huge economic investment value. Bitcoin bought two $25 worth of pizza in 2010 with 10,000 bitcoins, up nearly 30,000 yuan today, up as much as $20,000 in 2017, with many economists predicting it will rise to $1 million in the future. The blockchain technology has created a large number of young new wealth nouveau, as a token above the Potter (POTB), will it also bring another wave? A wave of wealth? We interviewed Potter (POTB) COO Essen Malte..

       "our Potter (POTB) is based on tokens based on the blockchain operating system, which we will use to connect to the capital markets." "the Potter (POTB) has a constant distribution of 770 million coins, dedicated to serving 7.7 billion people around the world," (POTB) COO Essen Malte said. They will log on to major exchanges in succession, so tokens that want to own the (POTB) can be bought on the exchange.

       Every development of new technology brings about the accumulation of wealth. The first industrial revolution achieved the myth of "never falling" in the British Empire, and the second industrial revolution gave Germany the capital to launch two world wars. The third science and technology revolution has made the United States a dominant power. As the fourth science and technology revolution, the block chain will affect human beings. How will Potter's (POTB), as a rookie in the blockchain field, build an ecosystem and ecological application that will serve 7.7 billion people around the world? We will wait and see.

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